go bestie – [Savage Ga$p] ft. [Ellise] & [Chevy]

My personal music taste always varies depending on my mood, the weather, and a plethora of different factors, but there are a few artists that I can listen to no matter what the circumstance might be. One of these talents is Savage Ga$p because not only has he been making music for years and building up his sonic catalog, but he has also proven his versatility, releasing songs that sound like they come from the netherworlds just as much as he releases lighthearted love ballads that have you in your feels as you vibe out to each record.

He is simply one of the most dexterous artists in the industry which is part of the reason why he has built such a strong and powerful cult following, and more and more fans only continue to flock in his direction with every new release. Most recently, he decided to drop off a song entitled “go bestie” which features Ellise and Chevy, alongside the announcement of his upcoming album forever yours which is set to release this Friday. First of all, this song is such a lowkey banger that I can’t let that go unsaid. The beat is energetic, and his soft-spoken delivery is something that couples unbelievably well with the lighthearted instrumental, making it a record that’s off the charts awesome.

Brought to life by Blind Light, Ga$p takes us to an extremely bright and dreamy setting inside of an all-white room where a bit of a haze takes over the scene, making it look as if the light is oversaturated and the emcee is in a heavenly place. Later on, my favorite part begins to unfold as countless puppies begin to run and enjoy their time with Ga$p, providing a cute, endearing vibe that matches the song’s style perfectly. Although this is pretty much the extent of things, it’s so much different than anything we’d expect to see in a rap music video, making it an out-of-the-box approach that couples with the Kentucky native’s buoyant style magnificently. In a press release that came alongside this release, when asked about this song, Savage Ga$p said:

“Go bestie is a feel-good internet pop anthem about hyping up the person you love. For the most part this album is about missing someone you’ve truly lost, but this song is quite the contrary. It’s something you can easily listen to anytime, at a party, on your own, with friends etc. and is a feel-good vibe perfectly contrasting the other material on the project. i had to call in guest vocals from Ellise and Chevy to tie it all together and give it that rnb pop flavor, a genre I’ve always loved that seems to be making a return right now. All-in I think this is a song for the summer winter fall or just anytime you’re looking to see the lighthearted side of things and have fun.”

Despite all of the tattoos and other darker releases he has put out in the past, I think this description provides a fully encompassing explanation of the song, and it should get you even more excited to check out “go bestie” as soon as you get the chance.