Go Away – [Omar Apollo]

It has been quite some time since we had last heard from Omar Apollo, and I think that mainly has to do with the fact that he’s still riding high off of last year’s album Apolonio, as he should be. This was an absolutely unbelievable project front to back, and he has even gotten the enjoyment of touring around the country in order to perform it, which is still going strong this summer as well, I believe. He is undoubtedly one of my all-time favorite singers, so you can only imagine how excited I was once I realized he finally dropped new music, this time in the form of a brand-new single entitled “Go Away”.

This track is self-produced with a little help from Carter Lang and Chromeo, beginning with some ambient, spacey synths that are eventually met by a beyond captivating kick and clap combination that is impossible to listen to and not bob your head. For the first short verse and introduction to the chorus, Omar keeps things very calm and composed which is still impressive, especially because you know he’s going to reach a pinnacle somewhere where everything is going to come together and explode.

This happens not too long after in the chorus, as he raises his vocal pitch and absolutely belts out his notes flawlessly, allowing his voice to naturally ooze into your ears and release levels of serotonin unlike ever before. There are even certain parts of the hook where multiple layers of vocals are utilized in order to give it a very massive, entire crowd-like vibe that is as powerful and commanding as ever, without sounding too over the top or crowded. This repeats itself a couple more times with some flawless verses and even more epic choruses, making it a song you simply can’t miss out on.

Omar Apollo’s talents speak for themselves after listening to any single one of his songs, and I just don’t believe my words can do him justice. This song is an amazing example of his range and overall talents, and he’s only just getting started. The Jenna Marsh-directed music video is also impeccable, but I figured I’d let you see it for yourself as you listen, so make sure you don’t miss out on that as well. Finally, if you get the chance to see him live at some point, I highly recommend it. I haven’t gotten the pleasure of seeing him myself because his shows always seem to sell out, unfortunately, but it’s definitely a goal of mine as soon as I can. With that being said, hit me up Omar, and please hook it up if you see this! Either way, thanks for dropping another all-out hit with “Go Away” I’ll surely be listening to it for days to come until I can sing every single lyric as well!