Go Away – [Kite] x [Saturn]

In today’s music world, the more unique, original, or downright unheard of one’s musicianship is, the more effective the resulting product turns out. This is a notion benefited by how free-ranging the modern music landscape is today with the help of the Internet — artists are taking advantage by essentially carving out their own distinct spots within this endless world. 

That sentiment rings especially true in the cases of Kite and Saturn — two Graveem1nd members who have worked tirelessly in crafting an entirely unmatched sense of artistry about themselves respectively. Each of their approaches to the modern pop world are incredibly rich with creativity and are of a completely untapped and distinct nature, mostly due to how these two both handle their artistic presence from a vocal perspective. 

Though their approaches differ greatly, they find themselves clashing in the most beautifully seamless manner on Kite’s recently released single “Go Away.” These two have all the chemistry in the world, not just because they find themselves in the same collective, but because each of them are equally experienced and ever-so-talented musicians in their own right, plain and simple. This track completely displays that beyond the slightest reasonable doubt. 

It makes quite a lot of sense as to how they are able to bond so effectively over a track like this when considering all-star producer Redpriest is behind the boards. Their bouncy, gripping, and memorable instrumental here does all it needs to in setting the stage for these two to shine. The plucked riff and driving percussion are just present enough to stick in the minds of many, while staying out of the way for both Kite and Saturn to perform over and take center stage. 

Kite takes up the majority of the track with their outstanding presence on the mic, repeatedly coming through with short, yet impactful line after line in such an entertaining manner. Their unmatched high-pitched inflection shines so brightly over the lively beat throughout, and it picks up its energy and never lets go as the track moves forward.

It’s an inflection that contrasts ever-so-artfully with Saturn’s far more gruff and direct demeanor of their own. Their verse enters towards the tail end of the track and offers the ideal dynamic to a song like this, again with its contrast to Kite’s passage beforehand being so effective in the moment and beyond. Where these two meet aside from their talent alone is through how effectively animated and entertaining each of their portions are, creating an unforgettable experience when it is all said and done.