Glow Like Dat – [Rich Chigga]

Shortly after announcing the upcoming dates for his “Come To My Party” tour, Rich Chigga decided to add to the hype with a new song & video titled “Glow Like Dat.” The new self-produced track takes a different direction from his breakthrough record “Dat Stick,” as Chigga seemed to be in his feels a bit for this one as he preached on relationships and lady issues…all while laying in a bed of flowers. On top of that, James Defina & Brian Imanuel (Chigga himself) did amazing work bringing this one to life with colorful edits and smooth transitions of the Indonesia-born rapper exploring the massive flower garden. Basically, a video doesn’t get any prettier than this. So without further ado, be sure to peep the “Glow Like Dat” visual and check below if Rich Chigga’s coming to a city near you!

Directed by: James Defina, Brian Imanuel