Glory – [kyslingo]

Nothing is more refreshing than stumbling upon a gem when checking my SoundCloud feed, and today, I think I’ve found that gem in an artist by the name of kyslingo with his newest single, “Glory”. Produced by 6Silky and BBasedTJ, this slow-moving, hazy offering is undoubtedly one of the best songs that I’ve heard recently. Kyslingo’s candid emotion and unapologetic, dissatisfied mood make for a pain-filled song, perfectly equipped with the lyrical prowess to detail his feelings in a way that many listeners can resonate with. One aspect of music that will never go out of style is authenticity, and “Glory” exhibits this characteristic to an emphatic extent. That being said, I wasn’t hip to kyslingo before this song, but based off of the undeniable strength and talent showed in his latest offering, I’ll definitely be keeping my eye on this shining talent in the future. Listen to “Glory” at the link below and follow kyslingo on Twitter here!