Gloria ! – [Johnny Yukon]

Another day, another tasteful Johnny Yukon offering brought to the table. As consistent as just about any artist making moves at the moment, Yukon has been climbing the music mountain at an alarming pace over the last 7 months or so and has continued to establish his transformed sound as the creative framework for the new vision and brand that he’s created for himself. Once a rapper and now a psychedelic, alternative-pop guru, Johnny Yukon has reinvented himself and done so with ultra impressive records such as “Moment”, “Do You Feel It!”, and now “Gloria !”. Released today, “Gloria !” is a funkadelic summer tune that is likely to cause a grown man to dust off his 70s dancing shoes and pull a hammy on the dance floor. A record that’s already gained a good bit of traction on TikTok, the algorithm did not lie when it was deciding to promote this one because it truly is the definition of a can’t miss, nostalgia-filled classic. Produced by Yukon himself, “Gloria !” not only features Yukon’s saucy vocals that glide overtop of the beat, but it’s also highlighted by a retro-sounding synth melody to appease those in need of some ear candy, an electric piano line that leads the way, and a groovy baseline that is sure to get you moving. As Yukon said in “Gloria !”,  he certainly “brought the bounce” with this one, so check it out below if you’re in need of some good vibrations on this Friday afternoon!