Glizzy – [Project88Icon]

I feel like going viral is the new version of getting a placement on a major platform, no matter what that platform may be. While virality is tough to predict and it can happen when you least expect it, getting a placement is definitely a more planned process, but it can be just as fruitful for the artist themselves. Project88Icon is an unbelievable rising talent who was raised in both Texas and Atlanta, so being around these two major music hubs is always going to help him form a unique sound that can somewhat mash the two individualistic styles of these places together.

Although I was just recently put onto his music, I realized that I was behind the curve when I learned about how his song “Go Viral” was featured on the NBA 2k21 playlist, and he received another placement on an upcoming untitled series that is being put together by Netflix and ESPN. Obviously, these are platforms that millions of people will be experiencing, and when I think about all the times I have heard a song on a video game or a TV show that I had to go and check out immediately, I know that this is going to go such a long way for Project88Icon.

My introduction to this entertaining up-and-comer is the Ace the Shooter-directed music video for his Feddi Beats-produced song “Glizzy”, and it is definitely something I am grateful to be tapped in with now. Although I think that the song is the main star of the show, I loved seeing the crossover between the street lifestyle and a more lavish one as Project88Icon brought his chains and a Rolls Royce to the hood to show off in front of his friends back home. I know that I need to do a lot more research in order to familiarize myself with this rising star, but after hearing just this one song, I already know that Project88Icon is destined for greatness, so I’m pumped to see what he has coming out in the near future, hopefully.