Gleesh Place – [King Von]

I’m a massive fan of King Von and some people might claim that I’m biased because I’m so close to the city of Chicago, making the music scene pretty much right in my backyard. While bias might’ve played a part in my admiration for the Chicagoan at first, it takes only one listen to any of his songs to understand exactly why I’m not the only one buzzing about the incredible Rapper. His storytelling is as truthful as it is captivating and his ruthless, aggressive demeanor makes you believe every single lyric he spits, providing even more believability than I can describe with words.

As he gears up for the release of his newly announced debut album Welcome to O-Block, set to come out a week from today, he also decided to bless fans with yet another story that is as vivid and real as ever before, as well as an accompanying music video. As the instrumental begins, momentous synths start out soft with a low volume as it builds into an epic basis for Von to go off the rails and unleash his narrative unlike ever before.

When he does come in, additional synths, Trap percussion, and clean 808s also enter into the picture with him. His first few bars are simplistic statements highlighting some of the hardcore, ruthless crimes that occur on O-Block, the dangerous street that he, as well as Chief Keef and even Michelle Obama, are all from. As he makes his way through this list, his enthusiasm and passion continuously elevate, revealing the fact that these are real-life things that occur in his day to day existence and not just things that he flaunts to impress anyone.

After he mentions some of these topics, he begins to get into an actual story about one of the heists he pulled off. Starting off at the scene where he robbed someone, he quickly makes his way back to his homie Gleesh’s apartment, where the duo quickly realize he took about fifty thousand dollars, immediately fantasizing about all the things they’re going to buy with their newfound wealth. Their celebration is cut short as the cops bust down the door, sending him into yet another hook that leads us out of the song on the edge of our seats.

When it comes to the Jerry Productions-directed music video, Von always does an absolutely impeccable job at bringing his stories to life even more than he does with his words, reenacting the scenes that unfold as if they’re happening in real-time. When the song begins and Von spits the hook, he’s decked out in his diamond-studded chain and designer clothing as he’s surrounded by his crew who are all smoking blunts and bouncing around to the record. Getting into his verse, he reenacts the robbery he pulls off, reaching into a guy’s car and taking a bag, jetting off into the night.

As he runs down a sidewalk, he gets to a door which he enters and leaps up the steps of this building, eventually arriving at Gleesh’s home. He empties the bag onto the couch, revealing the money and reenacting the celebration that he and his friend have. Basically, no time passes before two officers bust in through the front door, sending the two individuals running out the back in different directions. The cops seem to be confused, one taking the stairs up while the other takes them down on the hunt for Von and Gleesh. Ultimately, the video comes to an end before any sort of resolution occurs, but the storyline is absolutely unbelievable, nonetheless.

Although the Chicago Drill scene has become known for telling some of the most eye-opening, revealing stories in the entire music industry, I have to say, I think King Von might just be the best storyteller out of them all. His lyrics work perfectly with the rhythm of his songs while also acting as a proverbial diary that he could write in after his long days of crime and mayhem, and as I stated earlier, his music videos reenact these scenes flawlessly. Welcome to O-Block is only a week away, and when it arrives on the 30th of October, I can’t wait to just sit down and ingest all of the tales he tells, because it’s almost going to be like watching a movie rather than listening to an album. “Gleesh Place” is yet another example of why King Von could be as good of an author as he is a Rapper, but I think he chose the right path, and his stock price is only going to continue to rise, so check out the brand-new visual as soon as possible.