Glass – [SB]

Indianapolis crooner SB returns with a new upbeat single entitled “Glass.” When I went through my submissions I was kind of thrown off by it comparing his sound to The Weeknd or PARTYNEXTDOOR because this “Glass” track was so fast-paced. But, when I did some digging his previous releases have a more somber tone like his track “White Lines.” This is a good sign though because like Party and The Weeknd it’s a positive sign in SB’s development if he’s able to show new wrinkles of his artistry this early on. You should be keeping tabs on the rising Indiana vocalist as he’s gearing up to drop his debut visuals this month. I think this will shed more light on SB as an artist because a lot is sort of a mystery about him. So whenever it’s time for him to start his roll-out process there should be plenty to unpack in finding out new information on SB.

Listen to SB’s new offering “Glass” below.