Glad You’re Back – [UnoTheActivist] [Ashanti]

Including UnoTheActivist and Ashanti in the same headline may not be something I ever expected to be doing as a writer, but nevertheless, in an unexpected yet absolutely incredible turn of events today, we find the two artists on the same track in Uno’s new single, “Glad You’re Back.” Incorporated into the fabric of the song with a vocal sample that backs the instrumental, this offering uses Ashanti’s “I’ll be right by your side / Even through the hardest times” to complement Uno’s impassioned deliveries, making for a fantastic love song that I didn’t know I needed. Beyond this, hearing the smack of 808s against the smooth instrumental here is one of my favorite music moments of 2019 so far, as Uno has delivered yet another unbelievable single to keep his win streak alive.

That said, “Glad You’re Back” is quite possibly the weirdest and best collaboration that we’ve heard all year, so I would recommend not sleeping on this one. Uno and Ashanti snapped — stream the song below!