Givenchy – [Lil Xelly]

As I have written longer and longer for Lyrical Lemonade, I have been able to make a ton of connections with various people, all of whom are trying to get me to check something out so that way it’s on my radar. I love this because it cuts out the middleman and I don’t have to search long and far for something new to listen to, but it also poses a problem because it’s simply impossible for me to get to everything.

One of the homies, though, is Lil Xelly, a one-of-a-kind artist who I was a fan of long before we ever actually talked, and he is someone who has gained a reputation for putting out more music on a regular basis than anyone else I can think of. I love the fact that on any given day, I can go on Twitter and see that he dropped something new and exciting, but if I’m being completely candid, I don’t always have a chance to listen to every single song, as much as I totally want to.

Nonetheless, I know that when I do find some time to tap in with some of his recently released cuts, I know I’m going to get something completely new and different, and his latest song “Givenchy” is definitely no exception whatsoever. Produced by Elijah Who, the production takes us back to the early 2000s when a dreamy R&B sound was king, and although this isn’t the vibe I ever expected from Xel, it is something that he absolutely crushes while also showing off his versatility and dexterity on a mic.

His energy might be toned down just a smidge to match the relaxing nature of the instrumental, but his pure rapping abilities are on full display. As he goes on throughout this track, he swiftly peppers smooth bars that are full of personality and invention, proving that no matter what sort of production is placed in front of him, he is more than capable of hitting a grand slam every single time.

Lil Xelly is one of the hardest working yet underappreciated talents in the entire music business, but I am definitely not going to let his work ethic or skill go unnoticed, and when you check out “Givenchy” and the Kiirusly-directed music video that accompanies it, you’ll see exactly why I want to show him as much praise as I can.