Girls Want Girls (Roymix) – [Roy Woods]

OVO member and Toronto R&B superstar Roy Woods is back with another ‘Roymix,’ this time blending his unique vocalics with Drake’s massive hit featuring Lil Baby off his latest chart-topping album Certified Lover Boy. 

With some wavy singles and OVOradio appearances, Roy has continued to tease listeners with singles and remixes in waiting for an eventual upcoming project. Recent releases have done numbers, with tracks like, “Touch You,” hitting 1M views on YouTube in just a few months.

The track is just as visually appealing as it is musically, with a smooth compilation done by Jesse Dart, depicting static shots of Roy accompanied by two ladies as they chop it up over some liquor, and portrait shots of him posted in a lavish gothic-style mansion. 

Roy’s range and undeniable vocal talent give “Girls Want Girls” a whole new feel that’s a must-listen. Check out the visual on YouTube below!