Girls Just Want to Have Fun – [Bladee] ft. [Ecco2k]

In the always blossoming and never boring world of Rap, tastemakers continue to push the envelope and experiment by creating their own subgenres that get even stranger but also more eye-opening by the day. Bladee is one of the most prime examples of experimentation, bringing some essentials of Hip-Hop music into his own world, mashing them with new and experimental sounds that most people would never even attempt. Due to his Swedish background and also being extremely close with the overseas phenom Yung Lean, Bladee continues his trial and error style of Hip-Hop, and when I say trial and error, there really aren’t too many errors that can be found.

A perfect example of the wild kind of music that Bladee is bringing to life can be heard in his latest song “Girls Just Want to Have Fun”, featuring fellow Drain Gang member Ecco2k. The production is more clarified and illuminated than some of his other tracks, boasting transient synths and old school drums, adding up to a very European trans-like beat. In my opinion, it almost sounds like it could have been featured on the popular dance game Dance Dance Revolution, and it definitely makes you want to get up and move around. The lyrics are sung in a high-pitched, airy style as both artists carry out notes to pair seamlessly with the beat. Their vocals are drowned out but also buoyant, and although their words are somewhat hard to divulge, they’re discussing themes of romance and being in love.

Although this song is very short, clocking in at just over two minutes, it’s captivating from the moment you press the play button all the way through the end. It was a nice change of pace in my opinion because I’m mainly used to hearing Bladee rap over Lo-Fi instrumentals with a faded cadence. This song is virtually the opposite of most of the songs I’ve heard from him in the past, and it just adds layers to the tests and experimentations that I was referring to earlier on. I can’t say that I strictly want to hear this style from him moving forward because I could see it getting slightly old after a while, but I’m excited after listening to his latest hit and I encourage everyone to checkout “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” whenever you get the chance.

Words by Danny Adams