Girl Next Door – [LiL Lotus] ft. [lil aaron]

If you don’t know by now, I’m a huge fan of lil aaron, and considering he is such a legend in the music scene and has been for quite some time, I have loved getting to watch his career grow and blossom over the last handful of years. Thanks to him, I have found out about so many awesome emcees including LiL Lotus, one of the most entertaining artists in the world in my opinion, and considering he is in a group called Boyfriendz with aaron and smrtdeath, we get some awesome music fairly consistently.

As for Lotus’ song “Girl Next Door”, it might not be a Boyfriendz song officially because smrtdeath is missing, but lil aaron’s presence is as captivating as ever. Since this is one of my favorite Lotus songs ever, I was beyond excited to find out that he decided to release a music video courtesy of directors Ryan Blewett and Quinn Cavin, and this flick was just as great as the track itself, so I couldn’t wait to share it with you all. This one takes place at a party, but while everyone is having fun drinking the night away, Lotus is sitting on the couch bored, at least until a girl catches his eye.

This seems to be the same girl that aaron falls for later on in the visual, and after blindfolding them both, she lures them in thinking that they’re going to get to kiss her. Instead, they end up kissing each other, but after an initial shock, in typical Boyfriendz fashion, they eventually fall in love on the spot. From here, Lotus proposes to aaron and they end up getting married, flipping the original girl’s prank on its head to round out the video. Although it wasn’t quite what I expected based on the beginning of the video, I was definitely entertained the entire time and I couldn’t have been happier with how this one turned out, making it something you need to check out if you consider yourself a fan of this overly amusing duo.