Gimme Five Im High – [Valee] & [CHASETHEMONEY]

There are very few artists in this industry that I heard for the first tie and instantly became a fan. When this happens, I’m caught off guard by something insanely innovative or out of the box because if it’s something I’ve never heard before but sounds nice and catchy, I’m all here for it. The first artist that took me by surprise was Valee, a Chicago native who invented a new flow that no one had ever used before, and after decades of hip-hop innovation, this isn’t something easy to do by any means.

Although it appears on the surface as if he puts almost no effort into his delivery, the artistry and complexity of his cadence is truly insane, and he has been someone I haven’t stopped listening to for the past few years. CHASETHEMONEY should definitely receive a boatload of credit as well because he has been the mastermind behind so much of Valee’s sound and style that I don’t know if one artist would work as well without the other.

Even though they’re nowhere near new to one another or their fans, for that matter, I was absolutely psyched to find out that they teamed up once again for another remarkable collaborative project entitled Gimme Five Im High. While the instrumentals are ominous and hair-raising, they’re still very simplistic in nature which is perfect to highlight Valee’s lowkey, smooth flow that is simply infectious. While we may only get one version of the Chicago artist throughout most of his music, it’s an addicting sound that provides a mixture of entertaining wordplays and diverse deliveries that are simply masterful and as creative as lyrics can get.

Beyond this, the duo also recruits artists like King Louie, Lil Wop, Bricc Baby, and Lil Stl to join them, all of whom add a different sound that crosses over the diverse styles of music that these various emcees typically bring to life. Valee and CHASETHEMONEY is one of the most uncharacteristic yet compelling duos in the entire music industry and Gimme Five Im High is more than enough proof of this, making it a project you’re going to want to play on repeat for the foreseeable future.