Giles’ Debut Single “Alive” Is a Multi-Genre Anthem Which Celebrates the Will to Survive

Being an artist is a learning experience. Giles fka Vthov aka Giles’s appreciation for music began while he was in college when he learned about how many musical devices from a multitude of genres affect people. Throughout his career, the multi-talented artist began to understand the power music has in one life. His current mastery of music took over decades of work to develop.

“I have an affinity for putting music together from a theoretical perspective. I am open-minded to all genres, and I am aware of the rich sonic possibilities that occur in the relationships between melody and harmony,” he explained. “At the same time, I stay sharp. I love the history of society, culture, and art.”

As a rapper and hip hop producer, Giles gathered over 1 million views on youtube with his mixtape Books over Bullets and his debut album Amongst the Stars. He was also the pianist and lead musician on “What Does Freedom Mean” on the Soundtrack to the Oscar-winning major motion picture “Twelve Years a Slave.”

Earlier this year, he released his first single “Alive”. The percussion and guitar chords on the upbeat track with Giles’ motivational words created a timeless record.

This summer, Giles will release “Grinders and Hustlers”, a hood anthem dedicated to everyone who helps keep society running in times of crisis. Check out his single below.