Gifted – [Cordae] x [Roddy Ricch]

From the very first time I heard YBN Cordae’s music, I knew that he was going to be a special talent, and it seems like everyone agrees with that statement considering almost everyone in the industry will bring up his name when you ask them what new artists are they a fan of. Another young artist that has been getting similar reception to that is none other than¬†Roddy Ricch, so when you see that these two creatives connected on a track, it’s enough to stop whatever you’re doing and give it your utmost attention. What’s the only thing that could make a collaboration like this better though, how about a music video directed by Lyrical Lemonade’s found, Cole Bennett? That is just the case on this release as Cordae, Roddy Ricch & Cole joined forces for a brand new visual for “Gifted”. Cordae has made plenty of music up until this point that I have thoroughly enjoyed, but this new song here is hands down the best track that I’ve heard from him yet. The way that Cordae + Roddy Ricch complimented each other on this track was sensational to say the minimum, they displayed great chemistry as they bounced back & forth, trading rhymes in the process that felt like friendly competition. Cole brought this song to reality in the best way possible, but let’s be honest, what else did you expect from him? Do yourself a favor + watch this amazing new music video below!