Ghouls’ Night Out (G.N.O.)-[Fun Suckr]

Halloween might be over, but there’s still time to revisit some of the best songs that were dropped during that action packed weekend of releases. One of my favorite offerings just so happened to be a dual single from yet another Southern California based talent; but this time…a group. The duo that’s hitting our page today goes by the name of Fun Suckr; a self proclaimed experimental pop duo made up of Los Angeles-based singer/songwriters Zoe D’Andrea and Samantha Short. The two close friends have taken their relational chemistry and used it to create an amazing product that is Fun Suckr.

Just a few weeks back, the two talented individuals dropped two songs that you should definitely be aware of. The 2 song package called Ghouls Night Out (G.N.O) features songs, “Fun Suckr” and “Fever Dream”; both amazing introductions to this pair. 

Citing halloween as their favorite Holiday, Zoe and Samantha are here to provide the perfect pick me up for anyone who may be missing this prominent weekend already. I was able to grab a quote from Samantha about the release and she explained:

“We are ready for the world to hear Ghouls Night Out (G.N.O.). We rushed to make sure it was perfect for Halloween, our favorite holiday…This project feels like it epitomizes our band: it is spooky, it is sexy, it is seriously fun. This project showcases what FUN SUCKR is all about.” 

I’m continually impressed by the really talent that’s coming from the USC community. Fun Suckr is just the latest and greatest to make an appearance on the page and I’m sure we’ll see them again as they continue to develop! I’ve attached the spotify link down below to the two singles, so give them a listen when you can!