GHOST NOW – [diiiiiesel]

I find out about artists in so many different ways, but I’m admittedly closer to some than others. As for diiiiiesel, he’s actually my brother and we grew up living in the same room, so I guess you could say we’re pretty close. Now, I would never show any sort of nepotism or favoritism towards anyone no matter who they are, but I just cover great music, and he’s an artist I know makes hits because I’ve been there to see his creative process, helped him work out some of the kinks, and make sure that the songs he puts out are as good as they can be, so I truly believe that he has something special with his latest EP GHOST NOW.

This is a project that he has been talking to me about for quite some time, and after a few changes, additions, and adjustments to make sure it was just right, it’s finally here for us all to enjoy. Luckily, this three-song, 7-minute long project is a quick hit, making sure that it’s not too lengthy or drawn out, so you get a nice little taste of diiiiiesel’s style and sound, so if it’s something you enjoy, there is plenty more to hear on his Spotify, Apple Music, or SoundCloud pages. The other thing that never fails to impress me is the fact that he did this all on his own from the production to the mixing to the vocals and everything else, so his talent is nothing short of dexterous and inspiring.

The EP’s opener is called “OPTIM” which features an airy, playful instrumental full of synths, bouncy 808s, and tapping percussive elements that give him a perfect foundation to build off of. While he can go in whichever direction he sees fit, he decides to remain very cool, calm, and collected, never getting too enthusiastic but rather remaining even-keeled throughout the entirety of this record. While this might seem boring based on my words, his flows, delivery, and overall disposition are infectious, and I found myself naturally rapping along after the first couple of listens.

In the middle offering which is the project’s titular track “GHOST NOW”, he seizes the moment to incorporate a bit more energy into the project, beginning with an upbeat instrumental that gives us a glimpse of this different, more animated side of himself. While his narrative is something that most people can relate to, the effects on his vocals allow his lyrics to basically float from the speaker into your ears perfectly, and his lines just sort of echo off into. The distance, leading us into the next line he spits magnificently well.

Finally, we arrive at “exxtra”, a song that was a late addition to the project but one that’s super effective and notable, nonetheless. He continues the peppiness of the previous track in this one as well within the production, giving us a fairly optimistic, bright base that he rips apart once again. Once again, he lets the beat set the vibe while he spits his airy, lighthearted bars masterfully, never getting too overzealous with his delivery but allowing his words to float along over the beat, leaving us wanting more without a doubt in my mind.

Although this is an EP that I had heard so much about before it was released, seeing it all come together the way it did still leaves me in awe at the talents that diiiiiesel possesses, and it’s undeniably a project that he deserves to be proud about. Whether you’re already a fan of diiiiiesel’s or not, GHOST NOW is an EP that you need in your life immediately, making it the perfect project to check out whenever you have time to tune in!