GHOST¡ – [Cove]

Right at the end of July, Philly artist Cove made his debut on our pages with “NOTAVAILABLE!” — a knocking release characterized by dimly-lit melodies, and more importantly, a song that felt like the introduction to something bigger than just a cool track from a new artist. While Cove has since removed the song from SoundCloud, he returns to the spotlight today with a brand new single entitled “GHOST¡,” continuing to build a world of his own creation.

There are several aspects of this song to pick apart, from eclectic production to the lifestyle-driven songwriting — reflective of Cove’s illustrative lyrics and NÜÜNEPTUNE-tinted style — but perhaps the most impressive characteristic of “GHOST¡” is the vocal performance. Joshua Tree and Yuso lend background reinforcements, but Cove takes the center stage on his new single, seamlessly crafting a blend of punctuated declarations of truth with soaring bouts of high-noted singing. He creates a versatile, best-of-both-worlds vocal environment, and in the process of doing so, reminds listeners why he’s such an impressive songwriter — especially this early on in his career. Just listen to the lyrics.

Needless to say, releases like “GHOST¡” are best left to speak for themselves, so I’m going to let the music talk from here. Cove did his thing on this one, and along with his NÜÜNEPTUNE collective out of Philly, is rapidly showing why he’s someone to pay attention to.

Check out “GHOST¡” below and learn a little more about Cove and his collective in our last write-up for “NOTAVAILABLE!” here.

Background Vocals by: Joshua Tree, Yuso
Produced by: Drift2ez
Mixed and Mastered by: Yuso
Cover Art by: @darksyide