Getting to know: SPVNK ONNA BEAT

I recently caught wind of Chicago producer SPANKONTHEBEAT after getting further into the libraries of other Chicago talents like the DCG Brothers and CP.  His talent and creativity have garnered him respect and a solid following, especially in the city. As he continues to produce beautiful pieces with talented artists to supplement his skills, his name will become a household one well-beyond Chicago.

We’ll jump right into it from here, so allow me to introduce, for those who aren’t already hip, Spvnk Onna Beat.

Lyrical Lemonade (LL) : Spvnk, it’s a pleasure to sit down and have a brief introduction to you as a person and an artist. Let’s get this off the table first: do you formally go as SPVNKONTHEBEAT, Spvnk Onna Beat, justspvnk — what do you prefer?

Spvnk: I started as justspvnk reason being it cost $0 to just be you, but the ppl coined the phrase “Spvnk onna beat” off the production tag so I stuck with that as a stage name long as you replace the A with a V.

LL: Take us through some of your recent work?

Spvnk: I’ve been getting more into mixing the traditional 90’s early 2000’s way of producing with todays tech so I’ve been getting some pretty crazy sounds as seen on DCG’s “Old Opps” or CP’s “T.R.A.P.S.T.A.R.

LL: How did you get introduced to music and when did you start taking it seriously?

Spvnk: Since I was little my uncle used to produce beats when I was coming up on music generator amongst other programs. I started taking it seriously around like 2015 production wise.

LL: Who were some artists you grew up listening to and/or inspired you?

Spvnk: Kanye, lil Wayne, A$ap rocky, Drake, yo gotti, Ross, chief keef. They all inspire me in different aspects.

LL: How would you describe the music culture in Chicago, and how has it been for you to be a part of and experience?

Spvnk: The culture in Chicago is like what you see most of the time is what you get it’s a very raw element. It’s been a crazy experience to say the least, good and bad, but I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything.

LL: What makes you different than other producers? Do you have a signature style or sound?

Spvnk: I tackle the production differently, not saying others don’t, but I’ve always had certain ways I do that have had a few of my peers asking how I did it. I would say I have a signature style reason being sounds change and you can hear a certain style stand out no matter the sound.

LL: What’s your favorite track you’ve been a part of?

Spvnk: Chance the Rapper’s “my own thing” main reason we made Barack Obama’s presidents list.

LL: Talk a little bit about your relationship with the DCG Brothers, how it originated, and what you have planned in the future (if anything).

Spvnk: With the boys (DCG) it was all organic we had so many mutual friends that it was almost inevitable. one day it all fell into play in my granny’s basement where most of my original stuff was made where we made our first song “not a diss” and we were locked in from there. We have a lot planned for the future just wait and see.

LL: Have any producers influenced you in your style? If so, which ones have you emulated the most?

Spvnk: DJ L, Honorable c-note, sonny digital, Pharrell, timbaland, Justice league, Kanye. In some way I mesh all that into my production some in larger parts than others depending on what’s needed.

LL: Who are some artists you want to work with going forward?

Spvnk: Don Toliver, Jack Harlow, Travis Scott, Lil Durk, and Drake most of all.

LL: I heard that you originally started producing because you were a rapper and didn’t want to go through the hassle of bothering/paying others for beats — do you still rap at all?

Spvnk: That’s very true I just wasn’t hearing what I wanted out of the production as well. For reference sometimes I might lay some vocals to get an idea or 2 of what a song might or should sound like.

LL: What’s the most important aspect you’ve learned as your career has progressed?

Spvnk: Patience and always sharpen and refine your skills no matter how good you are you can always be better.

LL: What makes you most excited about your future?

Spvnk: The endless possibilities in all positive aspects of course I see myself taking this production thing far making an Impact on not just my generation but others to come hopefully throughout time.

LL: If you could tell yourself something 10 years ago that you know now, what would it be?

Spvnk: Start producing or at least dabble in the music field to get a nice feel for it, learn music theory, and to value financial literacy more.

LL: Should listeners be expecting anything big coming soon?

Spvnk: Definitely I’m always working up a storm I’m waiting on this 24kgldn record I have with DCG Called “Mexico” it’s gonna be epic.

Stay tuned in as Spvnk continues his rise through Chicago and into streaming libraries everywhere.