Getting to Know Boston Underdog Rich Amiri

Earlier this month, I found out that Rich Amiri was shooting a video in NYC. I instantly connected with his team to set up an interview with the underground artist. Rich started to come on my radar this year, after hearing a few tracks from him on Soundcloud. His smooth vocals mixed with autotune caught me by surprise when I first listened to his music. To find out he was only 18 years old was the cherry on top because he is such a well-rounded artist already.

On March 4, Rich released his latest project “Chase”. My absolute favorite song is “Never Fail.” For someone who has only been rapping for two years, Rich continues to deliver nothing but perfection track after track. I fell in love with the beat produced by John Luther and Malikaix8. The vocal range Rich was able to reach was quite impressive. This song received 1.4 million plays on Soundcloud and almost 20k views on Youtube.

I’m very excited to be able to share Rich Amiri with Lyrical Lemonade. If you haven’t gotten familiar with him yet, now is your chance to get to know one of the hottest rappers out of Boston. Check out our interview below.

– – –

Lyrical Lemonade: When did you start getting into music? What influence did being from Boston have on your music?

Rich Amiri: I got into music like two years ago. I wouldn’t say Boston had any effect on my music besides the friends I had there that put me on to music. There isn’t really a scene in Boston as far as music goes.

Lyrical Lemonade: As a new artist, Who are some artists you would say you look up to in the music industry who might have influenced your career?

Rich Amiri: Tecca, Speaker Knockerz, Lil Keed, Nba Youngboy

Lyrical Lemonade: Just last January you had a little over 600 followers. Today you have over 20k. Your Youtube channel is becoming more consistent. What are some things you had to do from two years ago till now to improve your craftsmanship as an artist? 

Rich Amiri: I made more connections and I promoted myself using Tik-Tok, that really helped.

Lyrical Lemonade: Was it difficult for you to find your sound? Or did you always have this sound since the beginning? 

Rich Amiri: I have been making this type of music my whole life. I used to make NLE Choppa sh*t. It wasn’t difficult, but it definitely changed over time.

Lyrical Lemonade: Did you start by uploading music on Soundcloud first or were you using Youtube?

 Rich Amiri: Soundcloud.

Lyrical Lemonade: Was Duwap the first track you made? If so, what made the track special to you? How did you know this was the first track to drop? 

Rich Amiri: No. My first track was called “Me For Me”. That was the first track because originally I started on Garbage Band Mobile with some apple headphones. I was making hard NLE Choppa for my friends. But my first track, I made by Myself. I think that’s why it’s so special to me.

Lyrical Lemonade: Let’s talk about Chase. Why did you decide to name it Chase? What was the inspiration behind this project?

 Rich Amiri: Those songs are just really special to me. I feel like those are just really good songs. Why did I name it that? It just came to me. If you’re an OG, you know I originally had a Chase EP that I never dropped with a totally different tracklist, totally different cover art.

Lyrical Lemonade: Do you want to remain independent or do you hope to sign to a label soon?

Rich Amiri: Definitely if I got a good deal I’ll take it. If it’s working for you, it’s working for you.

Lyrical Lemonade: Never Fall has over 628k plays on Soundcloud and 12k views on youtube in only 11 days. Did you anticipate that this single was going to be the one that everyone loved on your project? 

Rich Amiri: It was just so good. I think it’s the best song I have made in a while. My boy John Luther spanned on that, it was just art. 

Lyrical Lemonade: How long does it take you to record a track?

Rich Amiri: It probably takes me 20, 30 mins because I record it then chop it up with my engineer.

 Lyrical Lemonade: What else can we expect from you this year?

Rich Amiri: A lot more music. I’ve been working on a lot. A lot more better music. 

Lyrical lemonade: Will this be the year of your album? 

Rich Amiri: Yeah definitely.

Lyrical Lemonade: Who do you hope to collaborate with in your career?

Rich Amiri: Um probably the 4 people I named, besides Speaker Knockerz, RIP. But Lil Teeca, Lil Keed.

 Lyrical Lemonade: How does it feel being an up-and-coming artist but you’re selling out shows, and your fans are singing your lyrics?

Rich Amiri: Probably walk in. When I performed “Walked In “they just sang it word for word. If you look at the video I was like bro what.

Lyrical Lemonade: What do you hope to bring back to Boston? 

Rich Amiri: I want to make a Boston rapper scene. There are a few underground artists that are also from the scene like Serge and Dev Stacks. But I hope to bring that scene up. For Boston to be seen as a real player in music.

“Chase” is now available on all streaming platforms.