GetRichZay unloads on featureless 16-track album “GTA 6: Jubille Lane.”

North Carolina-based hip-hop artist GetRichZay, known for his hard-hitting style and raw lyrics, has just dropped his latest album, “GTA 6: Jubille Lane.” This 16-track project arrives with a bang, featuring production from talented names like Prod Yayo and NoHeart.

What sets this album apart is its remarkable lack of features. In a music landscape dominated by collaborations, GetRichZay goes against the grain, delivering a featureless album that’s as unique as it is powerful. His music is marked by ferocity, intention, and a relentless delivery that resonates with fans. His punchy, unapologetic style is a hallmark of his entire discography.

However, behind this music is a story of resilience and passion. GetRichZay, born Isaiah Barnette, started rapping in 2016 but faced a life-altering incident when he was shot in the face during a botched robbery. Instead of deterring him, this near-death experience only fueled his determination to pursue his passion even further.

Though he’s been known for his collaborations with Interscope signee Stunna 4 Vegas, “GTA 6: Jubille Lane” showcases GetRichZay’s ability to shine as a solo artist. His storytelling ability shines through on  my favorite tracks; “Told Ya,” “On the Floor,” and “Valley.”

GetRichZay’s “GTA 6: Jubille Lane” is a must-listen for fans of unapologetic and raw hip-hop, offering a glimpse into the life and journey of an artist who’s not afraid to keep it real. Don’t miss this explosive release from a rising star and certified talent. Stream on Spotify below!