Getcha – [SSGKobe]

Few artists have impressed me in a manner that’s even close to the way SSGKobe has captured my attention. I think I’ve mentioned before how he was someone that I was late to the party on, but I was hearing so much about him that I knew it wasn’t excusable to continue sleeping on him and as soon as I finally listened up, I was absolutely stunned by just how talented he proved to be. That was probably way back in early 2021 or late 2020, and it seemed like he had a streak of wins that was unmatched by almost anyone else, but with a skill set as diverse as Kobe’s, it is self-evident why he was receiving so much attention.

Over the past few weeks, Kobe has been hyping up the release of his forthcoming project relapsed which is set to drop on July 8th, and even though it only looks like there are going to be 6 songs on this tape, I already know that they’re going to be records that I will constantly enjoy for years to come. In order to get even more momentum going in the direction of the upcoming project, Kobe teamed up with DotComNirvan who seems to showcase his own aptitudes time and time again with every video he directs, so when I had the chance to see the video for a brand-new single entitled “Getcha”, I didn’t waste a single second before tapping in.

Produced by one of my personal favorite hitmakers ever, Zetra puts together a magnificent instrumental that sounds like an entire orchestra of strings took to the streets. In turn, Kobe absolutely crushes the vocals with a mixture of assertive deliveries and tuneful flows. In the video, Nirvan brings this track to life with his irreplicable edits and animations that I can’t even begin to describe well enough, but I am always perplexed at how he even begins to know where to start, so you already know that this brand-new release from the endlessly talented SSGKobe is one you need to get in tune with ASAP!