Get to know Khalil? & his song “Zodiac Killer”

If you’re a fan of music, then odds are, you’ve heard of the amazing up and coming artist who goes by the name of Khalil?… The rapper dropped a song back in 2020 called “Zodiac Killer” that has since amassed over 5 million streams on Spotify alone due to the dope trends on tik-tok and other social media platforms. This isn’t just a fluke though as the whole song is really impressive from a production and lyrical standpoint. Khalil? managed to craft a catchy hook with melodic verses that are bound to be stuck in your head from the moment you listen.

This dude has a future in this industry and after you peep this song, I know you’ll feel the exact same way. I’ve been obsessed with this song for some time now, and I finally got the chance to catch up with Khalil? himself and learn more about him and the song. Continue reading below to get to know more about the mastermind behind “Zodiac Killer”

Sam: So you started this music stuff back in 2015 and 6 years later here you are!

Khalil: Yeah, I really didn’t start doing this seriously until my freshman year..winter break of college. I was the only one on my floor. Everyone on my floor moved out, they all went home, so I was like, shoot, there’s nobody else up here; it’s just me and my RA, so I just grabbed my laptop and I was like, I’m gonna make some music.

Sam: Are you still in school or are you wrapping that up?

Khalil: Right now, I’m taking  a gap year.  I tried that online learning and I  just couldn’t do it right now.

Sam: Thats’s smart man…But with that, tell me about this Zodiac track man. How crazy has it been to see it grow?

Khalil: Yeah man, its cold, its cold. I think it’s dope because all of my favorite songs as of right now, have all started off as freestyles. It was literally like, I was sitting at my desk and I stumbled on the beat and I started free-styling and I was like, damn, if I add a break at the end, that could be kind of tough and then I did everything I needed to do with that; But nah, it was dope. I know I made part of the song on live with my fans. That’s normally what I do sometimes. I’ll just go on live and they’ll throw me opinion or if something doesn’t sound right, its just another ear if no one is with me. But, it was after I made the whole song in its entirety, because I have 4 other versions, subconsciously, I was like, this is a bop, but the way I am, it wasn’t enough for  me, obviously it was enough with everything going on, but it’s really nice to see the biggest return that I’ve ever gotten on my music thus far.

Sam: So what’s next after this song or are you waiting for this joint to ride out?

Khalil: Oh nah! Normally I drop every few months…I used to drop every two weeks; I already have a bunch of songs ready, but its really whenever I have that feeling, I’m going to do it. 

Khalil? is fire and I know that anyone who listens in will feel the same way. If you haven’t heard Zodiac Killer yet, I’ve attached the link down below, so give this one a listen and tap in with my dog Khalil?!