Get Refreshed: What T R A P S O U L Means To Dolly, dazegxd and emotionals Welcome The Scene To Jungle, and doxia’s Hit Streak Continues

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doxia: “hopeouttheroof”

The level of admiration I have for someone like doxia is unreal. Every single time they come through with a solo offering, the track never fails to get lodged in my head for weeks on end. It’s honestly something about their gripping, yet soothing inflection combined with just how unorthodox their delivery is that does it for me; these two aspects make for some of the catchiest hooks and even verses alike within the digicore scene and beyond. Their greatness, even in all of its unexplainable tendencies, is just so praiseworthy for being how it is. 

Their latest release “hopeouttheroof” of course follows suit, because how could it not? It’s another ridiculously catchy single that sees its repetitive hook utilized in all the best ways possible with its infectious nature. This is another example of just how comfortable the trialx12 mainstay is in their own sound, and they have certainly earned the right at this point to settle in with such a consistently effective approach given how incredibly impressive their body of work is at this point. 

zee!: “score”

Who could’ve guessed that summer 2021’s first big sound would come in the form of a plugg revival? Well that’s exactly what we’re witnessing right now, and even with all of the expected social media discourse around the matter clouding some people’s view, the music being put out during this period has been – to use an apropos term here – very much refreshing, and just downright great at that.

Placing their hat in the ring in this regard is the all-too-masterful zee! with their most recent single “score.” The Dallas standout could have dropped a plugg track that did the bare minimum and still impressed beyond belief, but in being the outstanding talent that he is, he came through with an effectively dynamic take on the approach with this cut. 

Soaring over the stoopidxool-provided instrumental with an equal sense of atmosphere and relaxation, the track sees multiple different refrains being strung together to create what I can only describe as among the most detailed plugg offerings this year. The Novagang MC is even able to accomplish this in just over a minute’s length — just adding to the track’s impressive makeup even more. This is one of the most poignant additions to this recent movement, and it’ll without question keep that same title as we progress further into the summer.

The Beauty Of Harmful Logic’s Breakcore Shitposting

You know something is going on when an artist’s entire Instagram profile is expressly dedicated to shitposting, and only shitposting. That’s the case with Tsundere Fan Club founder Harmful Logic’s profile — an account that serves as the only one-stop source for breakcore-specific memes, hot takes, and general rambunctiousness regarding the genre. 

What they have done with this profile is not just amazing for the sake of entertainment; I honestly believe this is something of a “necessary evil,” if you will. They have gone so far down this rabbit hole that it literally defines their entire Instagram presence, which while resulting in some of the absolute best content one can find on the platform, is even more of a fascinating notion given how outstanding of a producer they are within the genre itself and other adjacent ones all the same. 

This part of the column just gave me an excuse to profess my love for amen break shitposts first and foremost, but also to point focus on one of my favorite working acts inside the genre. Harmful Logic is doing the world numerous favors by being so obsessed with this style of music: both providing hilarious satirical critiques of it with their social media presence and producing some of the best modern examples of what it stands for, all at the exact same time. 

Their Instagram (Enter At Your Own Risk)

dazegxd + emotionals: “emodaze3k”

With talents that reveal themselves through pure musicality in its own right, as well as through the essence of innovation, production force dazegxd has been performing well above their fellow contemporaries for over a year’s time now. In regards to their irreplicable talents, the latter component of the two expressed above have manifested themselves in their repeated indulgences into the realms of dance music — now reaching the point where scenes like digicore are finding themselves following Daze’s lead and incorporating these styles into their general output.

That is exactly the case with one of the scene’s hottest acts of 2021 in emotionals. These two just linked up to create “emodaze3k” — a brief, yet fully realized project that combines the fervent and energetic stylistics of jungle with sweet and soothing r&b-esque vocals and songwriting alike. The 4-track EP is a luscious experience that could only result from these two as it were; the duo mixes these contrasting genres in such a seamless fashion that it almost becomes an entirely new type of style by itself. Each core track proves this fact in full, and one can only hope that this approach is fleshed out even further moving forward this year. 


“Hyperdrill” as a concept has now reached a solid point of development. The approach – which takes the structural foundations of drill music and fusing them with high-energy, digitized stylistics of modern pop – has been solidified by front-and-center acts like kuru and roxas, as well as background production forces like tgwog and litothedon. But one would be remiss to ignore arguably the most dedicated single act to take the concept all to their own, that being Varsity and Helix Tears member POPSTARBILLS.

Since earning such a description with their fittingly-titled “#HYPERDRILL” EP earlier this year, they’ve essentially become the face of this specific approach as it has come to be known. And if anything release were to enhance this notion even further, it would have to come in the form of some sort of sequel to the original project in its own right. 

That sequel has finally arrived, and not only did it meet these lofty expectations, it blew the original completely out of the water. With more songs, more featured acts, and easily POPSTARBILLS’ most suburb performance from a vocal perspective, the album serves its intended purpose while impressing more than it ever really needed to. The future of this concept is bright, boisterous, and beyond explorative, and it is safe to say there’s no better act leading the way.  

T R A P S O U L Was More Than An Album, More Than A Moment, And More Than A Muse

Words by d0llywood1

There’s a duality within internet music that’s been incredibly common recently but was once harder to find. That duality is the presence of both emotional, heartfelt imagery and braggadocious, prideful imagery within the same artist. Like I said before, nowadays this is all too common; it’s seen within big artists like Future and Lil Uzi Vert and even small ones as well like midwxst and Twikipedia. But it wasn’t always like this, and I generally have always assumed this came from an all too important project entitled T R A P S O U L.

During the time this project was released, most rap music being pushed to the mainstream had your run-of-the-mill “trap” tropes (there’s nothing wrong with that, obviously). But among these acts, you get Bryson Tiller, who had beats and flows that followed suit, but still brought something totally different. From T R A P S O U L, you get songs dealing with failed relationships but from the perspective of a person who made mistakes and is completely remorseful and apologizes for these mistakes. We get to see another side of relationships that has to this day inspired the way I write. Listen to any one of my songs and you’ll see; the majority of them deal with failed relationships I’ve been in, but written in a way that acknowledges that I’m not perfect and the blame can be placed on me. This is me intentionally channeling Tiller’s writing. 

I’m bad at concluding thoughts since I generally just void tweet or keep these ideas in my head, but I just found the idea of going back and forth between two completely different vibes just super interesting to me. Like, now you can point to Lucki, Trippie Redd, or even Youngboy when you bring this up, but growing up I was only exposed to what was on the radio, and I distinctively remember Migos and Young Thug never discussing topics like that. 

I know T R A P S O U L still to this day inspires me, and I’m very glad it exists. Without it, I’m sure that I would still be making music about Roblox.