Get Refreshed: January ‘22

“Get Refreshed” is a monthly column by Billy Bugara covering all things digital in the music world.

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Please Let Me Explain 

Hi. It’s been quite a minute, huh? Whether you realized it or not, I haven’t published this column since the summer of 2021. That’s a long-ass time; it’s even longer if we’re talking in terms of the Internet. 6 months ago feels more like 6 years ago when you really break it down. So… yeah. It’s been a MINUTE. But I have excuses, I promise.

Besides my chaotic school life, my work for other places, and everything else I was doing last time I wrote for Lyrical, I kinda picked up something new within that time period. It’s not as simple as just being something new, though – it was something of astronomical proportions. It’s actually not that serious, I don’t know why I’m going on about it like that. Basically, I co-founded a Sick and Cool label called deadAir with my bff Jesse, and it’s been taking up all the extra time I was originally dedicating to this weekly column. Nonetheless, I feel it’s only right that, after discovering some semblance of balance in my life, “Get Refreshed” makes its triumphant return.

There’s only one catch, though: I only have time to do this on a monthly basis. So that’s something we’ll all have to gripe with in 2022. I am so sorry, it’s such a let down that I’m sure EVERYONE is going to hate me for…

So that’s that on that. Explanation over. I found my pen once again, and it’s good to be back.

Digiaches: “Spin”

Curiosity Shop’s roster could genuinely rule the entire music world on its own. I mean, I guess they haven’t touched country yet? Once they do that, then it’s wraps. Because with no exaggeration, this collective takes on every single corner of contemporary music with brilliance and nuance and everything in between. If you look in one direction, you’ll find Crayon Moon’s breathtaking dance excursions; turn your head just slightly, and you’ll find sv1’s scattered, silky-smooth ambient pieces. Everywhere you look, there’s someone new doing something different. And they all do it so well. 

In the midst of your exploration, the freshest item you’ll find is longtime member digiaches’ new single “Spin.” It’s so, so easy to get lost in the cavalcade of sounds, styles, and substance that Curiosity Shop brings in its wake, so a track like this serves as an easy way to regain your footing. That’s due to how well it plays the modern pop card with an equal amount of creativity and class. Digiaches’ vocals pair with the head-nodding rhythm in perfect tandem. these vocals and the instrumental itself are both so simple on the surface, but the attention to detail is so incredibly obvious when you dissect the slight diversions those background synths take upon each new measure. Factor in the gorgeous interlude that breaks the entire experience up in itself, and you get just another remarkable addition to Curiosity Shop’s magnificent catalog. 

bronclair: “jealous”

The second Bronclair appeared inside the Internet music landscape last year, they hit the ground running and never looked back. Mapping their steady progression as an artist since the very beginning has been a marvel; they are the type of talent that cares so deeply about their artistry, more so than your average teenager picking up FL Studio and an AT2020 for fun. That very progression is reflective of all this – each and every track shows some form of gains, growth, and gravity. 

I see their latest single “jealous” as just another step in their journey, certainly not the apex of anything. That isn’t a knock on the song whatsoever, though. It’s a wonderful piece – a fast-paced pluggnb offering that features their best vocal performance to this point, along with songwriting that flourishes in its simplicity. It’s sure to stick out as memorable in all respects, not to mention the all-star trio of producers here in waifu, feardorian, and mental. The reason it can’t be dubbed an apex comes down to how much more room this sure-to-be-superstar has to keep striving. Just as this very track’s refrain states, Bronclair has got so, so much potential.


So I’m in TwerkNation28. I’m on the roster. Like, I don’t really know why to be honest. Quannnic just kinda invited me one day and I was like… really honored actually. I haven’t made a song yet though, not because I don’t like Jersey Club or anything, but more so because I really don’t think I have the production acumen to make something even CLOSE to what’s already been released on the page. Maybe one day though… we’ll see. 

Even if I did end up dropping something, I feel as though it would just be a distraction from the far better – and far more chaotic – content that’s dropping faster than you can even think. Let’s break down just some recent numbers as of Sunday January 16, 2021. 

Some Recent Numbers As Of Sunday January 16, 2021:

  • Tracks per week: 2.29
  • Average track length: 2 minutes and 8 seconds
  • boobs in 1 hour: 60:00
  • Amount of Snares Applied Per TRack: 72 Snares per Track
  • Number of TwerkNation28 Members: 44

Take those for what they are, I checked my work. Also, I don’t really have the time to dig into any of the songs on their own (I tend to let Jersey Club Scholars like billdifferen do that instead). But that isn’t to say you shouldn’t immediately go stream their full catalog. The chaotic side of the Jersey Club revival sits in their hands, and trust me, you’ll find yourself getting lost in all of the fun to be had. 

swazy*: headaches*

What a breath of fresh air this Swazy* is (yes, that’s swazy with the asterisk, thank you very much). Internet music moves a mile a minute – whether that’s a case of sounds, participants, and logically… the culture as a whole. And to me, that’s not only something fascinating, it just makes sense. Culture – in this specific sense – doesn’t sit and marinate like it used to; it’s constantly shifting, taking on new forms faster than most can even keep up. I’m only burying the lead here to make this point: as fast as everything moves today, even someone as burgeoning as Swazy* can provide a new spark for yet another revolutionary movement in Internet music as a whole.

If Swazy* alone is the spark, then their single “headaches*” might as well be the first flame. Talk about captivating… few songs of this nature really have the sense of structure that this one holds. It begins as a suspenseful rise that, instead of immediately breaking into a strong chorus like many other similar offerings tend to do, sees Swazy* riding that very rise with gripping refrains – just slipping ever-so-smoothly from the intro to the first verse. That explosive chorus does end up happening, but it occurs at the absolute perfect time. The instrumental-centric outro then leads things out in quite a magnificent procession. It’s all just outstanding, really. This is how you set the bar and mold the future. It reminds me of songs that did just that for the once-rising cast of Internet musicians throughout late-2019 and early-2020. This… is how it’s done. I’m just so excited for what’s to come.