Get Money – [DCG Shun] & [DCG Bsavv] ft. [Moneysign $uede]

Not everyone has the same rise to fame or game plan of how to reach the spotlight, but these unique stories are things that I love to learn about, and I appreciate the events even more when I am there to witness them in real-time. Drill music is clearly a staple of the Chicago music scene’s history, and while it has taken many different forms over the years, it has always been a subgenre that I love to study because the saga behind it is just so intriguing.

The DCG brothers are the latest success story coming out of the Windy City, but considering they dropped singles for well over a year prior to their mixtape Jungle Life’s release, it was certainly a different approach that not many other artists in similar situations opted to take. Going even beyond this, they also have never really recruited a ton of features compared to the amount of music they have put out.

I think this is most likely because they have each other’s enthusiastic personalities to play off of, but also due to the fact that they didn’t need anyone else to get listens or views because they were the stars of the show, and that’s how it has always been. So, when I saw that they teamed up with Moneysign $uede for what I believe is their first new song since their mixtape dropped, I wasn’t about to miss out.

“Get Money” is the name of the record which boasts production that is hard-hitting yet slightly smoother than the normally trap-forward, reckless beats that they have utilized in the past. $uede comes in with an effortless, swagger-filled delivery that is as LA as I’ve ever heard, and when the DCG brothers come in for the hooks and their verses, it’s game over with their mischievously diabolical flows and lyrics. Alongside a wonderful MarkWaltersx-shot music video, “Get Money” is just another banger in this group’s long-standing string of unignorable hits.