Get It (feat. Casanova) Remix – [Kaleb Mitchell]

Kaleb Kaleb Mitchell is another one of those artists who never misses a beat. He’s made many appearances on our pages and every single one Has truly been worthwhile. Today the artist is back onto the lyrical lemonade platform with the remix of his well-known song entitled “Get It”. Over the past couple of months, this song has brought a lot of recognition to Kaleb and his artistry. The New York Jets used this original track for their theme song this year which was a huge win for the up and comer.

Today, he’s back with another rendition of the infectious song, but this time with a completely boosted presence that adds well known artist Casanova to the mix. For an already impressive track, Kaleb really delivers on this brand new remix. All of his music is a breath of fresh air mixed with a high octane adrenaline rush, but this new one really takes that to new heights. The addition of Casanova was a great compliment as he adds his own style and swagger to a well rounded piece.

Kaleb truly never disappoints and it d about time the whole entire world took notice to this rising artist who has all the poise and charisma of a seasoned veteran. If you want to peep the song, I’ve attached the link it down below!