Get it Bussin – [Tadoe] ft. [Lil Yachty]

When Chief Keef blew up over a half decade ago for his wild charisma and unique bars, he didn’t want the money and fame just for himself. He wanted to see the people around him thrive and prosper as much as he was, so he brought his entire Glo Gang with him throughout his come up to make sure everyone was eating good. One of the most prominent members of the collective other than the world renown front man is Tadoe, who has so much talent that must just run in the family considering he’s Chief Keef’s cousin. Although he hasn’t necessarily gained as much notoriety as Keef, you’ve heard his name being referenced throughout many of Sosa’s offerings, as he loves shouting him out and talking about the events they’re experienced together.

Tadoe decided to tap Lil Yachty for his latest single “Get it Bussin”, and also wanted to include Keef’s newfound love of production, so he had him bring the beat to life. The instrumental that he created possesses rattling 808s, a sample that sounds a bit distorted to create the melody, and portions throughout that are intentionally drowned out. It’s a very hectic beat but in an organized chaos way. Throughout the hook, Tadoe pretty much repeats the name of the song in a Migos type style but packages it as more of a chant than anything. Throughout his verse, he mentions different luxuries that he has the privilege of experiencing as well as going to clubs, smoking a bunch of weed, and avoiding the opposition. He even accents the ends of each individual line to add complexity with routine to his delivery. Yachty brings so much energy to the second verse as he spits fairly hastily throughout its duration. At one point he even claps three ties to presumably take a breath before going right back into the rest of his verse. This touch was definitely unusual but worked well with the beat and sounded appealing, nonetheless. Beyond this, he spits some great bars that might just get lost in the sheer number of words he’s spitting, but if you catch them, you know just how impressive they are.

The video that comes with the track starts out in black and white as the song, artists, and videographers are introduced. After this portion, the group can be found in a mansion with the lights turned off, as other flashes of colors illuminate the space. The other setting takes place under the star-studded roof of yet another Rolls Royce, as Keef makes appearances with his crew throughout. I like this video a lot because it’s almost like an upgraded drill video that they’d make back home in Chicago. In this case, they went from trap houses and hoopties a few years back, to mansions and expensive cars. It’s still shot in the same run and shoot fashion, however, including quick cuts to different scenes like they invented and perfected over the years.

This is the second song in recent memory that I’ve heard Chief Keef’s production abilities, and I have to say that I’m impressed. Tadoe knew what direction to go when he heard the beat, and Yachty is always a wild card considering he has so many different forms of delivery, you never really know what you’re going to get from him. There’s no telling at this moment whether or not “Get it Bussin” will appear on an upcoming project for any of the artists or if it’s just a loosie, but it’s catchy and a great listen so check it out and see what you think.

Words by Danny Adams