BIGBABYGUCCI has been in the North Carolina music scene for quite some time now and he’s been making waves ever since his introduction. Although he might still technically be an underground icon, he’s an icon nonetheless and he has the respect of not only the rest of the North Carolina scene but the majority of the music world in general. While I still believe with all my heart that he deserves way more credit than he receives, he keeps his eye on the prize and doesn’t let these things affect him because he knows how great his music is and his true fans will ride with him throughout his entire journey.

His most recent release comes in the form of a music video for his song “Get Back” which dropped almost exactly a year ago along with the rest of a project called Send Help. I was a bit surprised to see a music video off of this project considering he has dropped a multitude of other music throughout this window of time, but I’m excited regardless. Fish, a frequent collaborator of GUCCI’s, produced this hit utilizing a vocal clip of some sort to introduce the track prior to light, valiant synths paired with crisp percussion and punchy drums coming into the picture. This creates the perfect foundation for GUCCI to demonstrate his plethora of skills through a rotation of autotuned singing and quick cadences that give us the best of both worlds within his sonic arsenal.

As he begins to speak, not only is his voice autotuned but it seems to contain some sort of gritty filter, making it come off as if he’s being played through a radio that doesn’t have great reception. This explanation definitely doesn’t do the effects justice, though, because with such a pure, airy instrumental, the sort of impurities in his vocals along with his addictive melodies truly add some incredible dexterity to the offering. There is a bridge right before the chorus where the beat simplifies, and he subdues his mannerisms almost acting as a defense mechanism to hide some of his emotions with regards to the topics he’s talking about.

As soon as we get to the hook, however, he completely doubles down and raises his enthusiasm to levels unlike ever before in this song. Although he still appears to remain semi-relaxed and put together, he just seems to not be able to hold back certain ideas in his mind and eventually lets them run free. After the chorus, he quiets down briefly for a few more lines before going right back into one more lively hook to lead us out of the song. As he takes us on a trip throughout this track, he talks about some relationship troubles as well as feeling some pressure with his music to make a better life for him and the people around him, speaking of the hopes he has to move his mom out of her current home as well as being able to live a lavish lifestyle with designer clothes, models, and drugs.

GUCCI teams up with one of his regular videographers Reel Bump to shoot the mini-movie for this wonderful ballad, and he keeps things relatively clean in order to do the song justice. There are only a few main settings that can be seen throughout, one of them being in an underpass with a giant boulder hanging over the center of the trail, a spot that looks familiar to me because I’m almost positive I’ve seen it in skateboarding videos in the past or something like that. There seems to be a granular filter over the lens that gives off the impression that it was shot on a more old school camera, and this definitely helps to highlight the effects in GUCCI’s vocals as well.  The other most noticeable reoccurring setting is inside of a luxurious convertible car where he kicks back, chills, and just recites his lines in such a laid-back manner. Other scenes show him in a small backyard sitting on a couch as well as in the middle of an empty street at night, but these seem to serve the purpose of being transition shots more so than main scenes. There are a few color alterations and other lens filters that are utilized throughout as well as the title of the song popping up virtually every time he says the two words, but none of these things actually take away from his presence in the visual, which I think is the most important thing.

BIGBABYGUCCI has come such a long way over the past few years. Going back to his early days in music, he was fun to listen to and it’s clearly understandable why he built a following back then, but it just seems like there was a certain lack of substance that is needed for longevity in the music industry. Thankfully, he recognized this early on and made a change that included much more affluence in his music that can not only allow him to truly be honest with fans, but it also connects with us much more than ever before. It also doesn’t hurt that it seems like he has just simply gotten better at using his vocal effects and even singing in general, so I believe he has leveled up on all accounts over the past few years. What’s more exciting is the fact that he still hasn’t even unleashed his full potential I don’t think, and the moment he does is going to be the moment that he truly makes a name for himself beyond just the underground scene. As BIGBABYGUCCI continues to level up, you should be paying more and more attention to him, so make sure you stop whatever you’re doing and check out the brand-new visual for his song “Get Back” right now.