Georgia Walks – [Hans Williams]

Around this time of year, a lot of us are beginning to ramp up for the holiday season, but according to Hans Williams the season of giving has already begun. The gift of his newest single, “Georgia Walks”, is as sweet as any and it couldn’t have come at a better time for music lovers as we begin our search for records to hold us over throughout the fall months. Fortunately for us, Hans had one more song up his sleeve to share before the year came to a close and it’s the perfect anthem to use as the basis for his long overdue Lyrical Lemonade debut. 

A single we can all enjoy, “Georgia Walks” brings me back to a much simpler time – when life was worry-free and all that we needed was our hometown, those we grew up around, and the surroundings that we knew all too well. It’s so easy to get caught up in what we know, that we miss out on what could be, yet Hans reminds us in “Georgia Walks” that the “steps we know” aren’t so bad after all. Sending nostalgic goosebumps over us reminiscent of when we were introduced to records like “Ho Hey” or “Rivers And Roads” for the first time, “Georgia Walks” represents folk music at its best with just the right amount of soul infused in it.  

After kicking the song off with some hand-picked guitar and pedal steel guitar, we are ultimately greeted by Hans’ charismatic vocals that remain with us for the rest of the tune. Eventually building into maybe the most powerful hook we’ve heard from Hans to date, we’re left in shock as the once rising artist proves himself as a mainstay name to know within the folk/singer-songwriter space with this melody and vocal delivery. Closing out the hook with some soothing falsetto that sends this one over the edge, Williams’ growing versatility is on full display in “Georgia Walks” and there’s no doubt about it.  A song that will make your head nod, grin smile, and add a honky strut to your step, “Georgia Walks” is a groove that you won’t want to miss, so be sure to check it out below!