George Arthur Calendar – Lente Oscuro a.k.a Calypso (feat. Claude)

The season of winter is still operating in full force. Spring isn’t too far away, but the bone-chilling temperatures outside are saying otherwise, at least in the northern part of the country. When I heard George Arthur Calender’s new song, “Lente Oscuro a.k.a Calypso,” it immediately became apparent that this song is made for the summer months. 

This track features some wavy synthesizers and whimsical vocals that give it a very psychedelic and dreamy feel. It wasn’t a surprise to hear that George has shared a stage with Mild High Club, a band that makes great music in a similar style. “Lente Oscuro” creates a comforting atmosphere through pleasant guitar melodies and a floaty bass line. Claude also appears on the track for a very fitting feature. 

This is one of those tracks that despite clocking in at almost five minutes, still feels like it ends too early. Let’s hope George has more music like this coming in time for the summer months. In the meantime, check out the visuals for this great track below and listen on Spotify here

Directed by Abby Young

Photography by Z

Edited by Abby Young