Genocide 2 – [Geezo x 5up Nuski]

Energy is everything when it comes to music. If an artist can bring energy to their art — specifically in a way that listeners can latch onto — they’re already much more likely to turn heads. Add this to more artful elements of the craft, such as melody and cadences, and you begin to realize what causes listeners to listen, and furthermore, how to make something unique. Today, Jake Caramanno put me onto yet another new gem that checks off all of these boxes: Geezo and 5up Nuski’s “Genocide 2.”

Just over 2 minutes in length, “Genocide 2” is a brief, high-octane display of energy, melody, lyricism, and so much more. With an endlessly-entertaining music video, filled with Geezo, 5up, and a team of people behind them dancing and singing along, you simply can’t turn your head away from the screen. The lyrics are quotable, the melodies one-of-a-kind, and the chorus just about as catchy as it gets. Geezo and 5up might be younger, but they know exactly how to keep people listening, and “Genocide 2” is proof. I can’t get this one out of my head, and if I had to guess, you won’t be able to either after checking it out.

Watch the music video for “Genocide 2” below!