GENGAR – [sad frosty] ft. [Chief Keef]

Losing a loved one is one of the most painful, awful experiences in the entire world, no matter what their relationship to you is. Unfortunately, in the music scene, it isn’t uncommon to lose artists that you are a massive fan of, and even with an unforgettable legacy, there are certainly plenty of voids that no one else could fill. Just a few months ago, we lost sad frosty, one of the most talented and inimitable musicians of our generation, and even though he made a massive impact on this world, I just don’t think the industry will ever be the same without him.

Although I didn’t personally know him, he just seemed like a genuinely good guy with so much to offer anyone he was around, and you can tell how authentic he was just by the way his friends would talk about him. I can’t imagine the pain they are going through, but I myself am deeply saddened about his passing so I am going to do whatever I can to help keep his voice as prominent as it has always been whenever I get the chance.

The other day, his team did a fantastic job of unveiling a posthumous album entitled sandbox which boasts 11 songs that play for over 25 minutes long with features from friends and fellow hitmakers like DC the Don, BIG TEEZO, and more. I want to talk more in-depth about the project but I definitely want to spend a little more time with it before then so I can do frosty the justice that he deserves, but I couldn’t resist talking about his visual for “GENGAR” which features the one and only Chief Keef.

This Astroboy-produced song is unbelievably great, and it shows frosty and Sosa at their very best, but the Cobain-directed visual is the perfect addition to make this one sincerely breathtaking. The vibrant shots used throughout accent the bubbliness of the record as well as frosty’s consistently colorful outfits, hair, and personality, but the fun didn’t stop there. Animations that look like doodles created out of boredom during a high school class are added in all over the place, and considering this isn’t the same old, typical edits that are normally used throughout other videos really make this one stand alone in its flawlessness.

I love Keef, but honestly, there are times in the past that I remember seeing him team up with an artist without really looking like he wanted to be there. This one couldn’t be more opposite because these two just have this undeniable chemistry as they vibe off of one another the entire time, and I think that speaks so much about frosty’s personality and friendliness in and of itself. There has been a void in the music world ever since sad frosty left this Earth physically, but his friends and family are doing an amazing job of keeping his legacy alive with the music that he made, and “GENGAR” is just another example of his excellence as an artist, so you’re not going to want to waste another second before tuning into this impeccable song and video.