Gelato & OJ – [Trees] & [Scoob&Sydney]

I have been such a huge proponent of the Michigan rap scene for a couple of years now because all of these artists bring such a new and unique approach to rap music. Even though they’re often not as animated or energized as other emcees from different regions may be, I think the way they’re able to stand out and steal the show in such a nonchalant fashion speaks volumes about their music-making abilities.

Considering my admiration for Detroit runs so deep, I love finding out about new artists, and Scoob&Sydney is the most recent local phenom that came across my radar. After working together on their popular tape 44808, Scoob and hitmaker Trees have definitely proven that they’re a dynamic duo, so when they team up in the studio, you know that hits are about to be made. I mean, even though Trees only started producing about a year ago, he has a very business-forward approach, only releasing music with his name attached to it which has gone very far for his young but blossoming career.

As for Scoob, he has been gaining traction in his own lane as well, receiving recognition from some major outlets like Lyrical Lemonade and Elevator, and this is truly only the start. I only mention all of this because this tag team got together once again to bring a brand-new EP to life called Gelato & OJ, and this is yet another example of the magic they make when they make music with one another.

Although there are only 5 songs that last a little over ten and a half minutes long, you get quite a captivating taste of their versatility, sometimes slowing things down so Scoob can show off his unmatched lyricism and easygoing deliveries while other tracks speed up a bit to give Scoob a chance to show off his nimbleness while Trees proves that there’s nothing he can’t do behind the decks.

In order to bring things to the next level, they included one feature in the remarkable whiterosemoxie on the opening and closing songs, and everyone picks up the pace to introduce the project on a high note and leave us with an equally enthralling closing tune. All in all, I don’t think it is a stretch to say that Trees and Scoob are two of the brightest and most entertaining acts in the underground music scene right now, and when you add moxie into the mix, it’s game over, making Gelato & OJ a can’t-miss EP from these exciting up-and-comers.