GEEWIZ + 8TEEN – [454]

If there’s two things I love in this world it’s new music from 454 and hydrangeas, and today I’m lucky enough to get both – at the same time no less! This week the Florida plugg phenomenon returns with two self-produced new singles ahead of his upcoming mixtape Fast Trax 3. “GEEWIZ” and “8TEEN” are psychedelic and energetic bangers sporting hypnotic vocals and bright, bass-laden mixes to top off your summertime playlist. It’s been over a year since 454 released his last Fast Trax mixtape in the wake of his debut LP 4 REAL, but since then our hero has had anything but a quiet year. Between dropping a handful of singles, touring with Aminé, and appearing on both the last Denzel Curry album and Tony Shhnow album, 454 has been keeping his momentum strong as we enter the rollout for Fast Trax 3. His music has never felt this polished or concentrated, so if you’re a fan of 454, you may be in for a treat once he finally decides to drop. Until then, you can catch me spinning “GEEWIZ” and “8TEEN” until my ears bleed.


Check out the visual for 454’s “GEEWIZ + 8TEEN” below: