Geeked N Blessed – [LUCKI]

I don’t often like to make grand, overarching claims because I feel like these can disrespect others and make it easy to contradict other points that I make throughout my life, whether that’s while I’m writing or when I’m having conversations. This may sound dumb, but I like to really think about these bold statements before I make them, and I say all of this because I think that LUCKI might be my favorite underground artist from Chicago, but I don’t make this claim lightly.

This is because the underground scene here is full of some of the most talented individuals in the business, and whether they’re making a style of music that’s completely their own or putting a spin on an already respected sound, they do it with all the effort and creativity in the world. LUCKI is a trailblazer and someone who has been not only making music for around a decade, but he has been growing a fanbase that is more loyal to him than any other following I can think of in the world ever since his inception. Over the years, he has had collaborations with some massive names, and that list continues to expand as time goes on.

Later this week, on September 23rd, LUCKI is set to release his album Flawless Like Me, the latest project to follow last year’s WAKE UP LUCKI that he dropped with Working On Dying producer F1LTHY, and I know that this is going to be an unmissable effort. As for his latest drop, this comes in the form of the track “Geeked N Blessed”, a song produced by a slew of hitmakers including Bhristo, Mingo, Venexxi, Mixed Matched, and Davyn who combine a handful of horns, adventurous melodies, and earsplitting hats and claps that the veteran completely destroys.

Although nonchalant and effortless, LUCKI’s unperturbed delivery is possibly my favorite part of his artistry, and it’s something that works fabulously on any production placed in front of him, even if it feels like it shouldn’t when hearing the beat alone. “Geeked N Blessed” is fantastic, and I’m sure it’s only the introduction to what can be expected on his upcoming album, so I am certainly eager to hear the rest of the project when it drops this Friday.