Garden Party – [Masego] ft. [Big Boi] & [JID]

Every day, I wake up not having any idea what I’m in the mood to listen to as the day goes on, but I have faith in the uncountable multifaceted artists I’m aware of that they’re going to deliver something that is simply impeccable. While Masego might not be the trademark artist I find myself leaning towards, there is just something about his sound that I am fully encapsulated by, and I. find myself constantly returning to his discography to give it a spin. I was first put on to his music thanks to his work with Kaytranada, one of my favorite producers out, and this led me down a rabbit hole in order to discover all of the other awesome styles he has been bringing to life over the past handful of years.

A few months back, Masego pleasantly surprised me once again when he released a song entitled “Garden Party”, and the shock wasn’t how great this record was but rather the guests he recruited to join him on this record. The two emcees he got were Big Boi and JID, two artists who have some of the greatest flows and lyricism in the history of hip-hop, and I guess I was just surprised because I never even dreamt of a collaboration quite like this. While this song has been on my playlist ever since, I was super excited to find out that they finally teamed up for a Trill Phil-directed music video that you need in your life immediately.

In this one, the artists head to the studio in Atlanta before hitting the stage in front of thousands of fans. In order to break this one up, there are clips of Masego heading to the local high school to watch a football game prior to shots being shown of Masego heading to the music festival he is performing at and linking up with a ton of other musical homies. Masego never fails to disappoint, and while this song has been a favorite of mine for months, the music video is yet another wonderful addition to the record and I couldn’t have been more excited with the way it turned out, so make sure you check it out as soon as you can.