Gangstas & Sippas- [Shoreline Mafia] ft. [Q Da Fool]

As far as up and coming groups go, Shoreline Mafia has been a top favorite of mine for quite some time at this point. I love their unapologetic West Coast sound as well as the dynamic talents each member brings to the table. Although each and every member is always smooth and charismatic on every single song, each member brings a different style and twist to every offering, working seamlessly with one another to truly heighten every single track they make. I heard that Fenix was going to part ways and do his own thing, and if that’s the case, it would truly be unfortunate because he’s such a vital member of the group. This might just be a rumor and I hope it is because of how much he brings to the table, but no matter what he decides to do, he’ll be successful considering his overflow of talent and incredible sound.

This isn’t the case today, however, because it’s very apparent that he’s not only on their new single, but he plays a huge role in it as well. Although I’m not totally sure when their speculated debut album is expected to release or even what it’s called, “Gangstas & Sippas” is the first single off the project and it is setting the album up to truly be a smash success, not unlike any of their previous mixtapes have been. Rotating synths, head-bobbing drums, and infectious percussion lay a foundation that’s as West Coast and vibey as ever, which is a sound that has played a major role in the success that Shoreline has had since first coming onto the scene. Honestly, the beat itself sounds somewhat more elementary and simplistic than their other offerings in the past, as the blaring trumpets sound a bit wild, but the underlying melody and the abilities of the Shoreline members being able to not only handle the beat but body their parts is truly incredible.

Fenix takes the hook, offering a consistent cadence that’s as catchy as can be. Within the chorus, he takes the opportunity to boast about their wild lifestyle, going from the lean house to the strip club and only messing with people who are considered either gangsters or sippers, both of which Shoreline Mafia can be classified as. OhGeesy bodies the first verse, switching up his flows and emphasizing certain lines as the beat cuts out and comes right back in. He talks about topics like dealing with people who go against him, drinking a large amount of lean, and extravagant garments that most people can’t even dream of affording. Q Da Fool is someone I wasn’t familiar with heading into this track, but I’m elated that I know about him now. His second verse is incredible, beginning with some choppy lines before switching up to a more uncharacteristic flow that’s unique and beyond appealing. His voice almost sounds like he’s whispering to an extent, but his lyrics are so off the wall and intriguing that they stand out regardless. Some of the topics he talks about include similar things as his counterparts as well as having so many icy diamonds that he might need to get a fur coat in order to stay warm, gunning someone down at a stoplight, and drinking lean in the same manner and frequency as people typically drink wine.

Ever since coming onto the scene years ago, Shoreline Mafia has proved time and time again that they have nothing but superstar potential. The way they vibe with one another on every single song is undeniable, and they just make each other better, leveling up their already immense talents on every track they release. In my opinion, West Coast influenced beats are appealing one hundred percent of the time and artists don’t need to be exceptional to make a good song with these types of instrumentals. When you take into consideration just how exceptional every member of Shoreline is and add that on top of their always unbelievable production, this just leads to an outcome that is unfair to other artists in the industry. I can’t wait to learn more about their upcoming debut album, but “Gangstas & Sippas” is their amazing new single, so give it a spin as soon as you possibly can.