GANG GANG – [sad frosty] ft. [DC the Don] & [BIG TEEZO]

Regardless of what someone’s opinions are in terms of the hip-hop and rap scenes, I feel like there should always be respect given to artists whether you listen to them constantly, occasionally, or not much at all. Instead of singing about drinking beer and driving tractors like many country artists can be found guilty of, I feel like rappers are some of the only artists currently who have been through tough parts of life and then tell the tale afterwards.

Well, I can’t claim that I listened to sad frosty extensively prior to his untimely and heartbreaking passing, but I’m cool with some of his day one homies, so I saw just how much this loss impacted them, and seeing this was enough to show me how much of an impact he had not only on the music industry but the people he surrounded himself with first and foremost.

While I completely wish that I paid him the attention that he so rightfully deserved during his impactful time on Earth, when I saw that his team dropped an Astroboy and Theozim-produced song called “GANG GANG” alongside a 713Bran-directed visual, I knew that this was the perfect song to show that he was all about the people he surrounded himself with, and he would do anything for them, just like they would for him.

This one is simply an ode to the homies, and the features in DC the Don and BIG TEEEZO are perfect considering they seemed to be two of his closest friends in the world, so seeing such a powerful trio come together both on the song and in the video makes this a release that gives me goosebumps because you can see just how strong their bond was and there was no getting in between their friendships.

It’s very clear and has been obvious for months, but sad frosty made an impact on the underground music scene that I never expected, and I don’t think anyone will be capable of this moving forward either, so while he will be deeply missed, his legacy is going to live on through his friends without a doubt, and I know he’s smiling about that somewhere in paradise right now!