Gametime – [Lil Tecca] & [Amine]

Lil Tecca is undeniably one of my favorite artists out, and Amine is definitely up there as well, so when I saw that they had teamed up to put together a song for the upcoming Space Jam movie soundtrack entitled “Gametime”, I was definitely excited. Now, my thoughts on this movie aren’t great just because I’m one of those people who just think there didn’t need to be a sequel to the original Space Jam considering it is just a classic that can’t be messed with, but I digress.

The song itself is absolutely amazing, so I had to check out the John Tashiro and Tim Carpenter-directed music video once I saw that that released as well. Opening up with Tecca hanging out at the crib, he picks up his phone to talk to Amine and asks him to hop on XBOX. This part of the visual definitely felt like a gimmick as if XBOX paid them for a mid-video advertisement which I’m sure was the case, but nonetheless, Tecca hopped on and booted up the new Space Jam game.

Once he puts his headset on, electric currents take over the entire screen and extend out to the controller, turning the game from a video game to something that seemed much more real. As things progress, the lighting changes, and things seem to become much more serious, and at one point, Lebron was supposedly in trouble so Tecca was transported into the game in order to lend a helping hand to the NBA superstar. Finally, things are rounded out as Tecca wakes up on the couch to a call from Amine, revealing the fact that all of the events that unfolded were just a dream and Tecca just imagined these moments happening during his deep sleep.

Look, after watching this music video in its entirety, it’s obvious that it’s not going to go down in the history of the greatest visuals of all time. As they prepare for the movie to come out this Friday, they have to do everything they can to build hype, so even though I can’t sit here and claim that this is the best music video ever, I totally understand where they were coming from. At the same time, I obviously wish that Amine actually made an appearance in the video rather than just talking to Tecca on the phone, but all in all, it’s not the end of the world either. While “Gametime” the song might be better than its accompanying visual, in my own opinion, I can’t hate and I want to let you form your own opinion as well, so make sure you check it out as soon as you can as you prepare for Space Jam: A New Legacy to be out this Friday.