Galactic Overdose – [The West Coast] ft. [Son of Light]

SoundCloud is an incredibly interesting world of diverse music waiting to be discovered, and today, we introduce our readers to a group called The West Coast and their new song, “Galactic Overdose”. Featuring a guest spot from Son Of Light, this gem of a find caught my attention right off of the bat with its relaxing sound and eccentric mix between smooth rock and rap. The song takes shape as a sun-soaked anthem at first, until a quick rap verse jumps right in and catches listeners off guard, making for an incredibly entertaining switch-up that, although may seem quite abstract, works incredibly well in both sound and style. “Galactic Overdose” doesn’t smoothly fit into any specific category of music, but the way that it compiles such smooth sounds is most certainly nothing to look over, so be sure not to sleep. Listen to their newest song at the link below and keep an eye out for The West Coast and their unique sound in the months to come!