Fvck Dat – [Jabb]

There’s no such thing as an expiration date on great music. Today making his debut on Lyrical Lemonade is Alexandria, Virginia emcee Jabb and his 2020 single “Fvck Dat.” I found this track by just hitting play on I discover weekly on Spotify and immediately ran to run it back. I haven’t dived too deep into Jabb’s discography but with this “Fvck Dat” single I felt like at times sometimes his flow drew similarities to rappers such as Drake, Kendrick, and IDK. I know those are lofty comparisons to draw and I believe Jabb has his own sound and style this is just what this record reminded me of. His lyrical prowess and witty wordplay are a staple in this single and the most important ability to make a catchy hook on top of that shows how far advanced Jabb’s skills are.

Check out and vibe to Jabb’s new single “Fvck Dat” after the break for yourself.