FUNKFEST – [grouptherapy.]

There’s nothing better than beginning to see an artist or group finally get the attention they deserve and that’s exactly what’s been going on with grouptherapy. as of late. Few artist projects out there in the short-form content era embody the steady, slow-build method to growing, but that strategy is paying off tenfold for grouptherapy. in the month of April. After years of shows and consistent releases, the group finally got on TikTok on April 6th and has now acquired over 295,000 followers – popping off million view videos like it’s nothing. Composed of three former child actors – Jadagrace, TJOnline, and SWIM – grouptherapy. has a very unique story to tell, but their background is only a part of it – the music does the real talking. 

Released this past Tuesday on April 25th, grouptherapy.’s, “FUNKFEST”, presents the group in a way that we’ve yet to see before. A much more alternative record than what we are used to hearing from grouptherapy., the three creatives took an artistic risk with “FUNKFEST” and it paid off big-time. This single marks the start of a new era for the group as they emerge with a vengeance fueled by a rediscovered sense of self and liberation, resulting in a fiery desire to no longer compromise. Whatever box you may have put the group in in the past should be burned to the ground at this point, because it’s clear with “FUNKFEST” that grouptherapy. has no bounds as to what they are and what they will become. For fans of Jean Dawson, Paris Texas, or Teezo Touchdown, grouptherapy.’s “FUNKFEST” is going to be a tune that you’ll need in your rotation as the summer months quickly eke closer to us. 

That said, be sure to tap in with the group using the streaming link below!