FUNERAL – [DC the Don]

It’s clearly not a secret that DC the Don is one of my favorite rising emcees in the entire music landscape. I try and write about his releases every chance I get, and that’s saying a lot because he has basically been releasing something new every time I scroll through social media and see what he’s up to. To me, it’s just impossible to not root for DC. He’s just such a genuine dude with immense talent and the constant urge to push himself and the limit of hip-hop as a whole, so how could anyone hate on that?

Nevertheless, one of my most highly anticipated projects of 2023 was FUNERAL, DC’s long-awaited third album, and just like pretty much every other release, it was well worth the wait. After having a few chances to listen through these 16 songs spanning about 40 minutes long, I can confidently say that it’s not at all what I expected. I say that in the best way possible, though!

The Milwaukee-born musician always seems to try something new, and this time around, it was this infectious, ’80s-inspired kick drum-driven style that DC seems to thrive on. The instrumentals are certainly moving and energetic, but it’s his personality that just overwhelms you and makes you want to get up and dance right from the start. What’s awesome is that this vibe is only present for about half of the album, so for the other half, we’re given an entire array of additional hits that show off his other strengths.

Whether we’re talking about hard-hitting, over-the-top bangers or airy, wistful records that share a more melodic side, DC never fails to prove that he can make any style his own with ease. It’s personally not surprising to me that FUNERAL includes so many of DC’s versatile strengths, but what does blow me away is the fact that such a variety of sounds can fit so well and cohesively, even if they traditionally shouldn’t.

Although DC the Don is clearly and unquestionably talented, that’s not necessarily what keeps me coming back. Instead, I think it’s his inability to settle for one specific sound because he knows that he is capable of a lot more, and he’s not going to avoid the sonic multiplicity just because other artists do. With that being said, there’s honestly no predicting what DC’s next project will sound like, but I haven’t even come close to getting my fill of FUNERAL, so I’m going to keep running it back, and if you’re a fan of DC the Don, I’m sure you’ll be doing just that as well!