Function – [Ciscero] ft. [Goldlink] [April George] [Cheakity]

Heading into the weekend, everyone looks to find just the right anthem to soundtrack the next few days of their life, and today, we’ve found that new anthem within a new offering from Ciscero featuring Goldlink, April George, and Cheakity appropriately titled “Function”. The song itself has been out for some time, but now that it receives a well-deserved visual companion directed by Michael Bregenzer and produced by Omada Cinema, “Function” is given a beautiful, cinematic breath of new life for fans to latch onto in all of its black-and-white, illustrative value. Lyrically, this star-studded joint takes us into a thematic barrage of lyrics all surrounded by one main idea: how we all get by, day to day. It’s just the right hit to set the weekend off on the right foot, and thanks to stellar deliveries from each artist involved, “Function” bundles a massive supply of energy into an intoxicating, 4 -minute song for us all to enjoy, both visually and audibly. That being said, be sure to watch the new video below and let us know what you think in the comments!