Fuck PPP – [ScaleBreaker Blo]

At this point, I have few doubts that Southside Atlanta rapper ScaleBreaker Blo will be one of the most notable new artists to come out of his city this decade, and already just over the past year, he has demonstrated all of the vocal and lyrical talent as well as consistency and charisma to take over Atlanta, coupled with a strong push and the right beat selection. Blo had been quiet as of late, spare a few snippets on Instagram, but today he is back dropping with his new video for “Fuck PPP” where he expresses his distaste for scamming, as you might have been able to assume from his rap name, but nonetheless wants to let you know that he grinded for all of his. His bag of flows is endless and delivery is effortless with his familiar but unique Atlanta drawl. I cannot wait for ScaleBreaker Blo to drop some more music and work with all of the most cutting-edge producers across the city as he is definitely one of the artists talented enough to help usher in the new wave and style of Atlanta rap.