Fuck Fate – [Roo$evelt tha Titan] ft. [Justiiice]


Roo$evelt tha Titan, a 17 year old emcee from Chicago’s west side, Roo$evelt Tha Titan is a budding artist, whose output has just begun with 3 recently released tracks. Coming in very well recieved, his songs have begun to build a dedicated and enthusiastic fanbase. Growing up in a struggling household with shady figures in and out of his life, Roo$evelt uses the mic to channel out his emotion. His most recent collaboration is with Nu- Triibe‘s Justiiice, and he looks forward to some other exciting projects in the works with several of Chicago’s hottest young rappers. He wants to “start a regime” with his team Kronos. It’s early on in his promising career and he continues to grow and develop with each and every bar. Progress is the key as he always says. He is a natural and exciting performer, has slammed at poetry readings, had great response at open mics and feels most alive with a microphone in his hands. Keep your eyes on Roo$evelt Tha Titan.

Check out “Fuck Fate” ft. Justiiice below.

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Twitter: @Roosevelt_Titan