Frustrated – [My Favorite Color]

I think that in a world of music that can be so monotonous and repetitive at times, a little bit of personality seriously goes a very long way in my book. Just doing something different, not abiding by the same standards as everyone else, and just doing things by your own rules and not caring what others think always leads to the most entertaining releases, so when you have as powerful of a personality as My Favorite Color, people have no choice but to pay attention.

The Los Angeles-born, Pittsburg-raised emcee has been someone who constantly impresses me no matter what he drops, because even if I haven’t seen anything new from him in a month or two, he’ll release something sporadically and I know that when I’m tuning in, I’m going to enjoy every last second of his latest offering. You just don’t know what you’re in for before you click play, but once you listen through, you always want to loop it back and listen right away after, and his latest Cam Raleigh-produced song “Frustrated” is one of his best yet.

After listening, you should have no uncertainties about why I talk so extensively about his personality because he demonstrates at least five different deliveries, vocals, and cadences, some of which are much more aggressive than others, but none of them are ever too over the top to actually enjoy, and I think he found the perfect balance of enthusiasm and artistry.

His music videos are never any less entertaining either, which is the same for this Jack Rottier-shot flick that takes us to a house party that MFC seems to be wreaking havoc at. Instead of cozying up with his girl, he flips out, running rampant around the house and getting absolutely rageful as the camera remains on him, no matter how rowdy he may be. While I could go on for days talking about all of the intricacies and creative ideas that MFC always utilizes in every track he drops, I think “Frustrated” speaks for itself, so make sure you get in tune with the awesome new track from My Favorite Color.